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JavaScript is an essential to learn to become a more well-rounded Front End Developer. To improve my JavaScript understanding and capability, I used my time to read books on JavaScript, watch tutorials through YouTube and Code Academy and even follow along a JavaScript beginner to advanced course on Udemy.

To put my skills in action I came up with three small applications made purely of JavaScript to highlight new skills and understanding learnt and to show all the cool things Vanilla JavaScript can do.

Budget App

The Budget App is the most advanced out of the three applications and was the result of the Udemy course I had followed.
The App is a Budget App which intakes data from the users to either add funds to the budget as an income or subtract in terms of an expense.
Under the hood the JavaScript consists of organising the code in a modular pattern and create two separate controller that was in charge of the UI and the Budget calculations and these were connected using an extra app controller to create each of the apps detailed functionality

To-Do App

Everyone creates a To-Do app when first working with JavaScript but this application includes extra functionality such as a delete button and staging the tasks from ‘to-do’ to ‘completed’.
This app really took advantage of JavaScript DOM Manipulation and Event Handling to create a more advanced version of the basic to-do app.

Rock Papers Scissors App

The Rock Paper Scissors game was the last of the three JavaScript projects created and was really a fun and simple project to create that used DOM manipulation and the use of functions to bring the classic game digital

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