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As part of my 3rd year dissertation of my web development degree, I had to develop a responsive website for a real life client and record any meetings and collect data which helped develop the site.

The task was split up into smaller objectives which included...

- Research the client’s user requirements and compare against local competitors.

- Design wireframes – both low and high fidelity.

- Build a semantically correct responsive website which fulfils to the client’s requirements and conforms to the best usability and accessibility standards.

- Test and amend the client website through usability, performance and guerrilla testing to get an insight into areas of improvements to increase website efficiency.

Throughout the lengthy process, the agile methodology was used and communication was key as there was numerous meetings held with the client to discuss different ideas and iterations through each step of the project.

Dissertation result: Distinction (85%)


Evaluating the project, and talking in great detail with the client, the success of the project lied in excellent project management and communication with the client and improving my development skills and implementing new techniques such as mobile first and the use of gulp and sass to automate the workflow.

This dissertation project has helped me learn what is needed to create a website for a client from the bottom up. Each stage being valued as much as the next, and managing the project in terms of time and workload. Being able to complete the dissertation and achieve an excellent grade has motivated me that much more to go out and find more clients to work with.


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