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During my final year of university, in our Agency Ready class, the task was to create a self initiated project on any subject of the web and present it to the rest of the class at the end of term. This was one of the most enjoyable projects I got to participate in as there was no barrier to what could be created and that really got my creativity flowing.

I chose to use Angular JS in my self initiated project, as I’ve been interested in created a single page application using a JavaScript framework but haven’t had the chance through our university classes.

I also wanted to push myself and learn something completely new and not play it safe. As this was an excellent chance to show my quick learning and development skills and prove a point to myself.

The aim of the project was to create a car search app using Angular JS. This was later on integrated with the ionic framework to help give it the iOS app feel. The theme of a car search app was inspired by the auto-trader UX team visiting and my love for cars and passion for building a single page application.

Evaluating the project, I had great learning experience getting my teeth into something completely different from my other university projects and getting to work and understand the basics of Angular JS was a great experience and I will be expanding my learning of this framework in the months to come.

The Search

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The main function of the app was its search feature that allowed the user to search through the huge list of cars and was both responsive on phones, tablets and desktops. Along with the search function, other aspects of the app were also included using the ionic framework such as the delete, favourite and re-arrange features.

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