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The Visit Paris website was a personal project I wanted to design and code from scratch to implement new design and development techniques I had learned recently. The idea of the website was to be an informative travel and tourism site which had a minimalistic design and a distinct colour scheme flowing throughout the site.

For my research I discovered there was many travel sites about Paris but the design was outdated, unresponsive and cluttered so the main idea was to layout the most necessary information in the most simplistic and visually appealing way which would look great on all devices.

The design was created in Sketch3 using mostly black and white colours for the content and a deep pink as the primary colour which stood out as for the headlines and the complemented the main image as well. And for the development aspect, the entire layout was coded using Flexbox to keep the design symmetrical and easy to adapt for smaller screens.


My inspiration that lead me to make this website was my love for the city of Paris. Being very fortunate to have visited on many occasions and taken in the breath-taking scenery, I wanted to try and mirror the minimal but amazing architecture of the streets of Paris and convey that into a design.

Using off white colours and a symmetrical layout of the page to relate back to the many identically structured streets and roads you see in central Paris. Having visited and loved the experience to explore Paris, this made me want to create a website that shows others how great the city is.


colour scheme

RGBA : 190 / 60 / 92


RGBA : 244 / 244 / 244


RGBA : 55 / 55 / 55

HEX: 373737

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