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- Business Pitch Presentation -

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For our Systems Thinking and Organisational Resources (STOR) class, we had to present a business pitch on a web based start-up business. The business I was using for this project was “Eastern Creations” an online shop specialising in selling oriental designed phone accessories to the UK.

The business pitch was split into different sections, in chronological order:
- Brief overview of the business
- Short term and long term SMART objectives
- Target market
- Competitor Analysis
- Promotional mix
- Sales forecast
- Financial projections
- Competencies
- Legal obligations

Project Grade - Distinction (72%)


Shortly after creating the business pitch for Eastern Creations, I took the skills learnt from this course to create a drop shipping business called Hiba Creations, specialising in delivering modest clothing and eastern inspired accessories to the modern women.
Using the research of target market, competitor analysis I was able to create detailed and specific Facebook ads to attract new customers and generate sales for Hiba Creations.

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