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Spotland community centre is a charity located in Rochdale that caters for deprived residents in the local area. This was my first website for a client, introducing me to new skills such as project management, client communication skills and working in sprints.

These skills as well as improving my design and development skills helped in creating a successful project. This project increased my confident in working in clients and also to work on my responsive design skills in creating house styles and designs reflecting the clients current colour scheme.


The mission was to create responsive website for Spotland community centre that shows what projects they do on a weekly basis and informs locals about new and upcoming classes they can take part in.

Since Spotland didn’t have a website previously, the design and colour scheme was coordinated from the colours of their logo. After talking to the client a few months after the website was created, they are one step forward in reaching their goal of bringing in 10 new pupils to their classes per month.


colour scheme

RGBA : 38 / 161 / 171


RGBA : 245 / 245 / 245


RGBA : 86 / 74 / 74

HEX: 554A4A

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